Harvard Divinity School is a place where theory and practice come together and every voice is welcome, where textbook studies support and are supported by a rich intellectual dialogue of diverse ideas and opinions.

Here, students in the School's four degree programs learn to engage in critical thinking and interpretation, an important foundation for their future work as ministers, theologians, scholars, teachers, peacemakers, and more. Students at HDS enjoy the extraordinary academic resources of the School, studying a variety of disciplines and religious traditions with a faculty that includes world-renowned scholars and theologians.

HDS students also have access to, and are encouraged to take advantage of, the rich academic assets and facilities of the wider University and the member schools of the Boston Theological Institute. The Harvard library system, the oldest in the nation, has more than 90 libraries, including the Divinity School's Andover-Harvard Theological Library. Students have the opportunity to read ancient texts in their original languages, view rare manuscripts, explore row upon row of books on any topic of interest and they have, at their fingertips, a wide array of electronic resources. Courses offered at other Schools and departments of Harvard and within the Boston Theological Institute are also available, through cross-registration, to students enrolled at HDS.

HDS is large enough to host public lectures, symposia, and conferences, all of which add to the academic experience, but is small and intimate enough to allow for one-on-one interaction with faculty members, whether in the classroom or over an informal cup of tea.