Course Changes and Cancellations

Changes to Harvard Divinity School's 2014-15 class offerings made since their publication in June 2014 are noted below. All updates are also reflected in the online course listings.

Fall 2014

New Courses

HDS 1754: Augustine
Albertus G. A. Horsting
0.50 credits. Fall 2014. Thurs 4pm-6pm. FAS.

HDS 3140: Human Migration and US-Mexico Borderlands: Moral Dilemmas and Sacred Bundles in Comparative Perspective
Davíd Carrasco
0.50 credits. Fall 2014. Wed 1pm-3pm. Divinity Hall, Room 320.

HDS 3158: Moctezuma's Mexico: Then and Now
William L. Fash and Davíd Carrasco
0.50 credits. Fall 2014. Tue Thu 10am-11am. FAS.

HDS 4052: Elementary Pali I
Beatrice Chrystall
0.50 credits. Fall 2014. M W F 9am-10am. Rockefeller Hall, Room 115.

HDS 4056 Reading Post-Canonical Pali I
Charles Hallisey
0.50 credits. Fall 2014.

HDS 4060: Targumic and Related Aramaic
Peter Machinist
0.50 credits. Fall 2014. Fri 2pm-4pm. FAS Semitic Museum Room 304.

Course Changes

HDS 1551: Greek Exegesis of 1 Corinthians
Laura Salah Nasrallah
0.50 credits. Day/time change: Wed 1-3pm.

HDS 1153: Introduction to Ugaritic
Peter Machinist
0.50 credits. Day/time change: Wed 3-5pm.

HDS 2709: Queer Theology, Queer Religions
Mark D. Jordan
0.50 credits. Fall 2014 Day/time change: Tues 4pm-6pm.

HDS 2927: Spiritual Care and Counseling
Cheryl A. Giles
0.50 credits. Day/time change: Tues 4-6:30pm.

HDS 4161: Intermediate Coptic
Karen L. King
0.50 credits. Day/time change: Mon Wed 9-10am.

Course Cancellations

HDS 3535: Philosophy of Religion: Religious Epistemology

Spring 2015

New Courses

HDS 2467: Fascism, the Churches and Antisemitism, 1919-1939
Kevin James Madigan
0.50 credits. Spring 2015. Wed 1-3pm.

HDS 4053: Elementary Pali II
Beatrice Chrystall
0.50 credits. Spring 2015. M W F 9am-10am.

HDS 4057 Reading Post-Canonical Pali II
Charles Hallisey
0.50 credits. Spring 2015.

Course Changes

HDS 3016: Green Buddhism: Faith, Ecology, and Activism
Willa B. Miller
0.50 credits. Spring 2015. Day/time change: Tues 2pm-4pm.

Course Cancellations

HDS 2252: The Friars and Their World, ca. 1100-1325

HDS 2468: Dante and His World: Poetry, Politics, and Piety