Forms and Applications

To participate in 2014–15 HDS field education, students will select their own field education placements and register using the new Office of Ministry Studies online form system. The system will launch the second week of September 2014, and the forms must be completed and submitted (with electronic signatures from both student and supervisor) by Monday, September 29, 2014. Paper forms will no longer be accepted.

Please check our website during the second week of September 2014 for the new online form submission link. All other deadlines can be found on the Field Education Calendar.

In the meantime, you may prepare for and gather the information needed for online submission of the placement contract, work study affidavit (if applicable) and learning agreement using the links below.

The Field Education Program deadlines and forms you submit to the Office of Ministry Studies are designed to support and give structure to your learning experience.

Domestic and International Student-Initiated Applications should be submitted in hard copy after the student has met with one of the deans of ministry studies or the assistant director of field education:

The following applications for new sites and supervisors should be submitted to the Office of Ministry Studies no later than June 15 for the following academic year: