Forms and Applications

Students select their own field education placements and use the Field Education forms below to register the placement with the Office of Ministry Studies. Each stage of a field education placement requires that Field Education forms are completed in full by the published deadlines, which includes student and supervisor signatures. Students should print each form, fill them out completely, attach written detail when required, and submit the forms in duplicate with signatures.

The Field Education Program deadlines and forms you submit to the Office of Ministry Studies are designed to support and give structure to your learning experience. Students will submit two hard copies of each form. If the student is enrolled in Meaning Making, the student will submit three hard copies of the Learning Agreement. A copy will be forwarded to the Meaning Making instructor.

If a deadline cannot be met due to unforeseeable circumstances, the student must complete and file an extension request form with the Office of Ministry Studies no later than two days before the deadline. If an extension is granted, the negotiated due date must be met.

Domestic and International Student-Initiated Applications should be submitted in duplicate, hard copy after the student has met with one of the deans of ministry studies or the assistant director of field education:

BTI Students

BTI students borrowing an HDS site will contact the Office of Ministry Studies prior to submission of forms to coordinate fully with HDS on the placement. The student must adhere to BTI field education policies. BTI students in an HDS site will follow HDS requirements for field education paperwork and deadlines. They are responsible for forwarding copies of each set of forms to their respective school. BTI students are not eligible for the use of Federal Work Study Funds for field education placements at HDS sites.

New Site Accreditation Application

The following applications for new sites and supervisors should be submitted to the Office of Ministry Studies no later than June 15 for the following academic year: