Religious Studies and Education Certificate: Elective Courses

Following is a list of HDS courses that count as electives toward the Religious Studies and Education Certificate.

Course Number Course Name

Women, Religion and Political Activism in the Contemporary Middle East

3105 (Religion 1042)

Religious Tourism

3108  Sex, Gender, and Religion in Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, and Syria-Palestine
3158 (Societies of the World 30) Moctezuma's Mexico: Then and Now (2012)!
3162 (Religion 1006)  Religion and Literature: An Introduction
3164 (Anthropology 1648)  Latinos Remaking America: Immigration, Culture and Language
3200 (Religion 1018)  African American Religions: An Introduction
3225 (Religion 13)  Scriptures and Classics
3227 (Japanese History 256)  The Ise Shrines
3253 (Religion 1016)  The Shock of the Old: Conference Course
3262 (Religion 1910)  Beyond Peasants and Proletarians: Black Religions and the Social Sciences in the 20th Century

3302 (History of Science 166)

"What is Enlightenment?": Science, Religion, and the Making of Modernity
3363 (Religion 1810)  Reading the Qur'an
3365 (Islamic Civilizations 175)  Islam in African History
3366 (Islamic Civilizations 176)   Islam in Modern West Africa
 3368 (Islamic Civilizations 170) Islam, Modernity and Politics
3369 (Islamic Civilizations 177) Readings in the Islamic Archive of Africa  
 3402 (South Asian Studies 191) South Asian Literary Cultures: An Introduction 
 3412 (Culture and Belief 28) Hindu Worlds of Art and Culture  
 3414 (South Asian Studies 190) Religious Nationalism and Ethnic Conflict in Modern South Asia
 3536 (Religion 1706) South Asian Buddhism: Dharmas, Emptiness, and Idealism
 3563 (Religion 1705) Tibetan Religions 
 3590 (Religion 1844) Religion, Gender, Identity in 21st Century Diasporic Muslim Fiction
 3595 (History 1977b) History of the Near East, 1055-1517: Conference Course
 3596 (Islamic Civilization 205ar) The Satanic Verses Problem in History I
 3597 (Islamic Civilizations 205br) The Satanic Verses Problem in History II
 3602b (Islamic Civilizations 145b) Introduction to Islamic Philosophy and Theology: The Early-Modern and Modern Periods (16th to 20th Centuries)
 3627 (AES 54) For the Love of God and His Prophet: Religion, Literature and the Arts in Muslim Cultures
 3668 (Religion 1255) Selected Works of Twentieth Century Jewish Theology
 3690 (AAAS 187) African Religions  
3702 (AAAS 161) Religion, Diaspora, and Migration: Seminar
3704 (AAAS 192x) Religion and Society in Nigeria: Seminar
3777 (Religion 1741) Modern Buddhism and Fiction 
3779 (Religion 1707) Introduction to Buddhist Commentaries and Their Critical Interpretations
3802 (Comparative Literature 211) Mysticism and Literature
3804 (Religion 1310) Ancient Greek Sanctuaries: Oracles
3818 (Religion 1095) Ritualization, Play, and Transitional Phenomena
3819 (Religion 1915) Existential - Phenomenological Anthropology
3823 (Religion 1011) The Tree at the Center of the World: Conference Course
3828 (Religion 1003) Comparative Religion: History, Challenges, Potential: Seminar
3830 (Culture and Belief 25) Studying Buddhism Across Time and Place
3831 (Tibetan 219r) Tibetan Religious Literature
3836 (Religion 1701) Introduction to Buddhist Scriptures and Their Critical Interpretation
3847 (USW 32) The World's Religions in Multicultural America - Case Studies in Religious Pluralism
3859 (Religion 1920) The Politics of Storytelling
3926 (Religion 1635) Reading Pre-modern Hindu Narrative Literature: Seminar
3939 (Religion 1816) Ismaili History and Thought
3958 (Japanese History 120) Religion and Society in Twentieth-Century Japan: Conference Course
3962 Why the West Fears Islam: Explorations of Muslims in Liberal Democracies
3970 (Religion 1088) Why They/We Hate Us/Them: Islam, History, Violence and Identity
3978 (Religion 1806) The Vocabulary of Islam 
4515 (Religion 1008)

Theories and Methods in the Study of Religion