Program Requirements

Classes are held three days a week for a minimum of nine hours of instruction per week. Please note that certain courses, like Classical Arabic or Christian Latin, require additional, mandatory weekly meeting sessions with the teaching fellow. Other classes will offer additional times with the teaching fellows on a voluntary basis. Regular attendance of all class meetings is expected.

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the SLP as a means of preparing to meet language requirements without the pressures of other simultaneous coursework. It should be noted, however, that many students have found the amount of work required by SLP to prohibit full-time employment during the summer, and working full-time while taking the SLP is not recommended. Good judgment is advised.

Note to HDS MDiv students enrolled in field education: Due to the demands of each program, students are not permitted to enroll in field education during the same summer they enroll in the SLP. Additionally, students are not permitted to audit a class in the SLP while registered for field education. (See the HDS Handbook for Students.)