Tuition and Fees

Non-HDS students, HDS nondegree students, and HDS ThD students paying reduced tuition

Non-HDS students, HDS nondegree students, and HDS ThD students paying reduced tuition are required to pay the Summer Language Program tuition at registration.

SLP tuition for 2015 will be $5,250 for anyone other than HDS students taking the course as part of their program. For everyone participating in the SLP (except HDS ThD students who will be enrolled full-time in the fall of 2015), there is a $50 application fee to be submitted with the application form and a $350 program fee. Unfortunately, HDS is unable to provide financial aid to non-HDS students for the SLP.

As of the summer of 2014, we had a significant change for the SLP: If you are a current HDS student (or recent HDS graduate), you may enroll in the SLP multiple times for the cost of the application fee ($50), plus a reduced tuition of $1,500 (for the SLP 2015). If you are a current MDiv student, please keep the rules regarding the SLP and Field Education in mind.

Full-time HDS degree candidates

Full-time HDS degree students who will be enrolled the following fall may participate once in the Summer Language Program and have it covered by normal term tuition. That is, first-time participation will not affect tuition. Fees, however are required: $50 application fee due upon application to the program and $350 program fee due at registration.

Part-time HDS degree candidates and those approved to pay on a per-course basis

Part-time students and those who pay on a per course basis may participate in the Summer Language Program and have it count toward the requirements of their degree, provided:

  • They will be registered in the fall;
  • They pay the additional program fee of $350 upon registration (in addition to the $50 application fee);
  • They pay additional tuition in the fall equal to normal tuition for two half courses.

The additional tuition paid for the SLP will apply toward these students' overall required tuition (tuition equivalent to 16 half courses for MTS students, 24 half courses for MDiv students, and 8 half courses for ThM students). Fall term financial aid awards may be adjusted to help pay for the additional SLP tuition.

Doctoral students

HDS ThD students paying full tuition in fall 2015 are not required to pay SLP tuition or the program fee.

All doctoral students entering the Program on Religion as of the fall 2015 and forward, who are paying full tuition in the fall of 2015, are also not required to pay SLP tuition or the program fee.

All PhD students, who entered the doctoral program before the fall of 2015, need to pay reduced SLP tuition ($1,500) and the application fee ($50).


Auditing the SLP is possible; however, all fees and tuition payments apply.

Refund schedule

The Summer Language Program can be dropped without notation on or before Monday, June 22, 2015; after that the designation dropped will appear on the student's transcript. For more information on drop deadlines and refunds, please check back in the spring semester.

(Note: HDS recently changed its doctoral designation from ThD to PhD in Religion. Those currently in the ThD program will continue to be candidates for the ThD; the first cohort of PhD candidates will enter in fall 2015.)