The Campaign for HDS

The Challenge

In a time of unprecedented technological advance, material prosperity, and instant gratification, the value of the transcendent—and the ability to speak from that experience—is often lost.

The result is a world that is increasingly evaluated in terms of top-of-mind reactions—from our notions of morality, to the importance of nature, community, beauty, and virtually every other aspect of human experience.

Moreover, the inability to understand and take seriously the beliefs of others too often fosters conflict, particularly in an age of division and extremism.

The Solution

To educate humane, informed, and ethical leaders who illuminate, engage, and serve humanity. HDS is at the forefront of this endeavor, as it has been for nearly 200 years.

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Find out how HDS advances understanding of the ways religion shapes the world.


HDS alum Sean Casey speaking on a panel

Learn how HDS drives critical dialogue on faith and culture.


HDS alum Rick Santos, CEO of IMA World Health, in Haiti

Meet students and graduates who work for a better world.

Campaign Leadership

Thomas M. ChappellThomas M. Chappell

HDS Campaign Cochair, Susan SwartzSusan S. Swartz

HDS Campaign Co-chair, Ram SudireddyRam Sudireddy

Humanity faces challenges that call for transformational change.

At the heart of any process of transformation are the beliefs and practices through which human beings understand and order their lives, defined for most of the world’s population by their religion. By providing the resources for Harvard Divinity School to advance religious knowledge and leadership, then, the campaign will increase the effectiveness of efforts to address the major challenges of our time.

We urge you to join us in this endeavor.

Thomas M. Chappell, Campaign Co-Chair
Susan S. Swartz, Campaign Co-Chair
Ram Sudireddy, Campaign Co-Chair