About HDS Faculty

Faculty of Divinity

The Faculty of Divinity includes all professors at the rank of assistant, associate, or tenured professor; senior lecturer; lecturer; distinguished visiting professor; and professor of the practice. They are appointed and approved by the President and Provost of the University and are entitled to vote in faculty meetings. Some members of the Faculty of Divinity have joint appointments with the Faculty of Arts and Sciences or other Harvard Schools.

Research Professors and Emeriti

This group includes longtime, retired former full-time faculty members of Harvard Divinity School, who may or may not be available for student advising and may or may not continue to teach courses at HDS.

Visiting Faculty

Visiting faculty are faculty members from other schools or universities within the U.S. or abroad who come to HDS to teach one or two courses for one or two semesters, and then return full-time to their home institutions. This group also includes Women’s Studies in Religion Program (WSRP) Research Associates for that year.

Others Offering Instruction

This group includes faculty members at other Harvard Schools whose courses are jointly offered or cross-listed by  HDS, as well as lecturers and instructors who teach HDS courses on special subjects on an adjunct, part-time basis.

Denominational Counselors

Denominational counselors offer additional ministerial counsel to individuals regarding ordination requirements and denominational polity, and provide vocational assistance within a variety of faith traditions, including Baptist, Episcopal, Jewish, Lutheran, Methodist, Muslim, Pentecostal, Presbyterian, Roman Catholic, United Church of Christ, and Unitarian Universalist.