Harvard Theological Studies

Harvard Theological Studies is an academic book series that originated at Harvard Divinity School in 1916, but, beginning in 2010, the Divinity School is no longer accepting any nominations of or applications for possible publications. Titles published since 2002 are distributed through Harvard University Press, and older titles in the series may still be available through this site or by contacting the Harvard Theological Studies office.

Between 1975 and 1993 two separate series existed: Harvard Theological Studies published mainly monographs, and Harvard Dissertations in Religion published dissertations. More recently, HTS included both monographs and dissertations, publishing each year a selected dissertation by either a Harvard Divinity School or Harvard University Study of Religion doctoral student. Faculty from the Divinity School reviewed dissertations of students in the ThD program, and both Divinity School and Arts and Sciences faculty reviewed those of PhD students. Monographs written or edited by Harvard faculty members were also published in the series. 

Latest titles

The Poetics of Iblis: Narrative Theology in the Qur'an
By Whitney S. Bodman
2011 Harvard University Press catalog page

From Roman to Early Christian Thessalonike Studies in Religion and Archaeology
Edited by Laura Nasrallah, Charalambos Bakirtzis, and Steven J. Friesen
2010 Harvard University Press catalog page

The Surprising Election and Confirmation of King David
By J. Randall Short
2010 Harvard University Press catalog page

Capitalism as Religion? A Study of Paul Tillich's Interpretation of Modernity
By Francis Ching-Wah Yip
2010 Harvard University Press catalog page