Life at HDS

There is much more to the graduate experience at HDS than time spent in the classroom and in academic study. The richness of activity at HDS, and in the wider Harvard, Cambridge, Boston, and Somerville communities, provides boundless opportunities for engagement and learning.

As a nondenominational, multireligious institution of learning, HDS attracts students from a wide variety of religious and cultural backgrounds, of all ages, who have significant life and work experiences, and are continuing in or just setting out on a range of academic, service-oriented, and ministerial endeavors.

Hear what students had to say about life at HDS at Theological Education Day 2016, the school's open house for admitted students:

Student leaders and the many student organizations play a vital and active role in the religious and spiritual life of HDS and in other endeavors, such as educating the community about sustainability and diversity. Students have a voice in administrative and policy-making procedures of the School, through elected representatives on the HDS Student Association and as student representatives on committees. Students contribute to the working life of HDS, through work study positions and other job opportunities, and engage with surrounding communities through field education sites.

A number of offices both at HDS and within the University provide a variety of resources and assistance to students, from information on housing health and wellness to career services and learning support.