Why HDS? Graduates share their stories

HDS graduates embark on careers as varied as the students themselves. As ministers, faculty, physicians, social workers, public policy experts, and many other fields, they take into their professional lives the unique experiences they had as students.

Terry Bowman, MDiv '95: Nonprofit management

Sarah Byrne-Martelli, MDiv '02: Hospice chaplaincy

Arrington Chambliss, MDiv '99: Program director and minister

Dorie Clark, MTS '99: Marketing strategy consultant and writer

Carolyn Edsell-Vetter, MDiv '03: Designer and project manager

Rachel Fell McDermott, MDiv '84: Professor

Angela Herrera, MDiv '10: Minister

Cornelia Holden, MDiv '03: Entrepreneur

Kyle Johnson, MTS '00: Investment consultant

Bob Linscott, MTS '97: Program director

Lenny Lopez, MDiv '99: Physician and program director

David O'Neil, MTS '91: Small business owner and oral historian

Erik Owens, MTS '96: Professor and center director

Tenzin Priyadarshi, MTS '03: Chaplain and center director

Rick Santos, MTS '92: Nonprofit president and CEO

Varun Soni, MTS '99: University dean

Rich Tafel, MDiv '87: Consulting and social entrepreneurship

Marian Walsh, MTS '86: Political consultant and author

Melinda Weekes, MDiv '05: Social activist and program director