Student Representation

Students at HDS have ample opportunity to influence this great community through a variety of leadership opportunities. Students are represented on every faculty search committee and most administrative committees. The HDS Student Association allocates funding for student groups and programming initiatives that it receives from collection of the student fee.

The HDS Student Association provides students a voice in the administrative and policymaking procedures of the School, and opportunities for social connection. It also facilitates discussion among students, staff, and faculty. The elected student officers meet monthly with the Dean to discuss student concerns and issues that affect the entire community and provide opportunities for conversation among students, faculty, and staff through roundtable discussions and Town Hall meetings.

2014–2015 HDS Student Association

President: Usra Ghazi, MTS '15
Academics Chair: Ben Marcus, MTS '15
Spirituality Chair: Jonathan Betts Fields, MDiv '15
Events Chair: Aisha Ansano, MDiv '16
Treasurer: Dorie Goehring, MDiv '16
Communications Chair: Diane Kim, MTS '15
Student Affairs Chair: Taj Smith, MDiv '16
Social Justice Chair: Lauren Taylor, MDiv '15