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HDS students comes from all walks of life. At HDS they pursue ministry studies, theological education, and doctorate programs. All have contributed in meaningful ways to their community and the world. Learn more about them, their work at HDS, and their hopes and dreams for the future.

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Jared Oubre

Jared Oubre

"I was asking the kids to think about the spirit in their own lives."

Joshua LeachJoshua Leach

"It's really important to me that Unitarian Universalists be involved in poverty issues."

Kalpana JainKalpana Jain

"As a journalist, I saw a story that needed telling. I saw I could change things."

Brooke DavisBrooke Davis

"Better policy could be achieved if people embraced the concept of community building and community interest."

Casper ter KuileCasper ter Kuile

"I felt a real responsibility to give other people some of the opportunities that I had."

Usra GhaziUsra Ghazi

"I wanted to counter that first experience I had in seeing an interfaith conversation go wrong."