Audiovisual Services


The primary function of audiovisual resources at HDS is the enhancement of instruction, and the following priorities are designed to reflect that purpose. The following is a list of the different types of patrons, and the order of priority they will receive when scheduling equipment and staffing resources:

  1. HDS classes and official HDS events
  2. HDS staff events
  3. HDS events sponsored by registered student organizations
  4. Harvard University events with HDS sponsors
  5. Harvard University events with non-HDS sponsors
  6. Non-Harvard University events

The HDS Office of Information Technology and Media Services will make every effort to support all events taking place on the HDS campus, but under certain circumstances, support may not be available due to limits in equipment and staffing resources. Conflicting requests within a given type will be dealt with on a first-come, first-served basis. When support is unavailable through our office, event organizers are encouraged to contact FAS Media & Technology Services at 617.495.9460 for equipment rental possibilities. More information is available on the FAS Instructional Media Services website. A list of third-party external audiovisual vendors is available upon request should FAS Media & Technology Services be unable to provide support.

Hours of operation/fees

The HDS Office of Information Technology and Media Services provides audiovisual support and equipment to all HDS facilities, Monday-Friday, 9 am-5 pm. Arrangements can be made for support on evenings and weekends, though certain fees may apply for labor and equipment. Please review the HDS Audio/Visual Fee Schedule for details.

Equipment reservations

To reserve equipment and technical assistance, please email all requests to, or call the Help Desk at 617.496.9111. Reservations for audiovisual equipment must be made in advance of the event. The required lead time is as follows:

HDS classes:

  • 1 week for reservation
  • 24 hours for any changes to reservation

All other events:

  • 2 weeks for reservation
  • 48 hours for any changes to reservation

Support of equipment at event

Equipment will be set up in advance of the class or event when proper lead time is given. A technician will be present at the start of each event to insure that the equipment is working properly and that the user is comfortable with its operation. Technicians must be specifically requested if patrons wish them to remain for the duration of an event. Patrons are required to arrange for technicians to be present to supervise all audio-visual equipment for events taking place on evenings or weekends. Equipment may not be used without the proper supervision of qualified HDS technical staff.

Available equipment

The following equipment is available for use from the HDS Office of Information Technology and Media Services. Please note that some types of equipment may not be available for all classroom locations. See our list of permanently installed equipment, by location.

  • Computer data projection
  • VHS and DVD video playback
  • Document camera projection (video overhead)
  • CD and cassette audio playback
  • Video recording (DVCAM, miniDV or SVHS) - faculty only
  • Audio recording (DAT or cassette)
  • 35 mm slide projection
  • Overhead transparency projection
  • Voice amplification (wired and wireless microphones)

The primary function of HDS audiovisual resources is to serve the classes and events that take place in HDS buildings. Requests for equipment to be taken offsite are considered special requests and will only be granted at the discretion of the director of the Office of Information Technology and Media Services.