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The Love of God

The Love of God

July 18, 2016

Professor Jon Levenson discusses how the concept of 'love' differed in ancient Israel, whether Song of Songs can/should be read allegorically, and how understandings of love developed and changed throughout history.

Orlando: A Lament

Orlando: A Lament

June 15, 2016

Professor Mark D. Jordan writes about mourning in the aftermath of the mass shooting at Pulse nightclub in Orlando, Florida.

God and the 2016 Election

God and the 2016 Election

June 13, 2016

From Christians and Jews to those who follow psychics and ancient civilizations like the Maya, the bitter political chaos of Campaign 2016 has some wondering if its causes are entirely secular.

C.E. Morgan

At HDS, Writers Find Their Voice

June 16, 2016

Before he became an award-winning poet and Episcopal priest, Spencer Reece, MTS ’90, attended Harvard Divinity School. He took classes on Flannery O’Connor, the Bible, and the nineteenth-century Transcendentalist writer, poet, and HDS student Ralph Waldo Emerson.

The Love of God

The Love of God

June 9, 2016

Professor Jon Levenson discusses his latest book, The Love of God: Divine Gift, Human Gratitude, and Mutual Faithfulness in Judaism, in which he explores the origin and development of the idea of "love of God."

Jesuit Historian Honored at Harvard

Jesuit Historian Honored at Harvard

June 6, 2016

Professor Francis X. Clooney, S.J., director of the Center for the Study of World Religions, writes about John O'Malley, S.J., who was awarded a Centennial Medal by the Harvard Alumni Association.

Cheryl Giles

A Commencement Prayer

June 1, 2016

The chaplain chosen to offer the opening prayer during Harvard's 2016 Commencement Morning Exercises was HDS faculty member Cheryl Giles.

Kimberley Patton

The Power of Kindness

May 31, 2016

Professor of the Comparative and Historical Study of Religion Kimberley C. Patton was the faculty speaker during the Multireligious Commencement Service on May 25, 2016. Below are her remarks:

Photo: Deseret News

Talking About Faith in Public

May 20, 2016

What keeps believers from talking about faith in public? HDS Senior Lecturer Diane Moore, director of the Religious Literacy Project, offers insight.

Laura Nasrallah

HDS Course Creates ‘Presence in Absence’

May 18, 2016

Laura Nasrallah, Professor of New Testament and Early Christianity at HDS, has long been interested in the ways the ancient letters of the Apostle Paul provide evidence of the interaction between Jews and Gentiles in the ancient world.