Student Interviews and Activities

Cardinal Seán O’Malley with Cary Dabney

Faith and Family

October 28, 2014

In the spring of 2013, Cary Dabney found an envelope from Harvard Divinity School in his mailbox. The first member of his family to attend college, Dabney prepared himself for disappointment.

Christopher Hampson

Credit to His Faith

October 24, 2014

For Christopher Hampson, issues around debt forgiveness involve both moral and legal dimensions, and pursuing a joint degree at Harvard Divinity School (HDS) and Harvard Law School (HLS) enables him to think through the many dimensions of creditor-debtor relationships through the lens of religious traditions as well as through legal parameters.

HDS students

Sage Advice

August 28, 2014

Learn from your classmates, practice joy and gratitude, and venture out. That's some of the wisdom members of the HDS community have to share with the 136 incoming students who started their orientation this week.

Student Profile: Precious Muhammad

Student Profile: Precious Muhammad

March 25, 2001

It's probably safe to say there aren't many 25-year-olds who have been responsible for organizing a Harvard-wide conference on a hot topic (Islam in America), creating their own publishing company, and discovering an important scholarly treasure, the 1873 autobiography of an African Muslim ex-slave who spent the last years of his life starting schools for black children in Alabama. Yet a Harvard Divinity School student has done all this and more.

Student Profile: Joe Zesski

Student Profile: Joe Zesski

June 15, 2002

It's a common question that Harvard Divinity School students learn to endure from friends, family, and even complete strangers: What made you decide to study religion? But of all the answers that can and have been given to that query, the one provided by Joe Zesski, who graduated with an MDiv degree in 2002, is especially compelling.

Student Profile: Milia Islam

Student Profile: Milia Islam

March 10, 2002

Early in September of 2001, Milia Islam was already anticipating a tough transition in coming to a big northeastern city such as Boston after having lived most of her life in a small Missouri town (Fulton, population 10,000), and in undertaking a Harvard graduate program that is challenging under the best of circumstances.

Seeing the 'Other' With Clarity

Seeing the 'Other' With Clarity

June 10, 2004

Stephanie Saldana, who graduates with a master of theological studies (M.T.S.) degree from Harvard Divinity School today, recently heard that she was chosen to be a Fulbright scholar next year in Damascus, Syria, where she will research "the Muslim Jesus" both historically and in the current moment, focusing on how the figure of Jesus has provided and can provide a springboard for interfaith dialogue.