Commencement Tickets

Tickets for Morning Commencement Exercises

Each graduate is entitled to two guest tickets for the Morning Exercises in the Yard on Thursday morning. These tickets will be available to the graduates from the Registrar's Office. Tickets do not guarantee seating, so parents and guests of degree candidates should plan their arrival accordingly.

On Commencement morning, the Harvard Yard gates will open at 6:45 am. No one without a ticket will be admitted to Harvard Yard in the morning.

The Morning Exercises are mostly ceremonial; some families and friends may prefer to avoid the large crowd and instead enjoy a large-screen viewing of the Morning Exercises in the Sperry Room in Andover Hall at HDS. The exercises will also be broadcast in the Science Center and Sanders Theatre, which are very close to Harvard Yard and the Memorial Church. Tickets for these venues are not required.

Tickets for Afternoon Exercises

Tickets are required for the Afternoon Exercises and will be available to graduating students from the Registrar's Office. Each student will receive three free tickets. Tickets do not guarantee seating; graduates will need a ticket to gain entrance to the Afternoon Exercises.

Tickets for the Commencement Luncheon

The registration for Commencement lunches and tickets has passed. A limited number of additional tickets will be available for $35 on Commencement day in Andover 200, but the choices will be limited and will not include kosher, halal, or meals prepared to meet specific food allergies and/or dietary needs and requirements.