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Nick Zehner, MDiv ‘16

Humans of HDS: From Peace Corps to Divinity School

July 20, 2016

Recent grad Nick Zehner talks about his long, winding path to HDS, from attending a Christian college as an undergrad, to having his faith challenged, to ministering to patients as a hospital chaplain. 

The Love of God

The Love of God

July 18, 2016

Professor Jon Levenson discusses how the concept of 'love' differed in ancient Israel, whether Song of Songs can/should be read allegorically, and how understandings of love developed and changed throughout history.

John Silvanus Wilson, Jr.

Alum to Students: 'Your Lives Matter'

July 12, 2016

In the wake of the recent tragedies in Louisiana, Minnesota, and Dallas, HDS alumnus John Silvanus Wilson, Jr., pens a powerful letter to Morehouse students.

Delman Coates, MDiv '98

African-American Church Leaders Address New Challenges

July 11, 2016

Delman Coates, MDiv '98, the senior pastor at Mt. Ennon Baptist Church in Maryland, weighs in on how African-American church leaders are responding to new challenges in the crisis in police-community relations.

Fad Diets

Fad Diets as Religion?

July 7, 2016

From Jews keeping kosher to Jains’ strict vegetarianism, dietary restrictions are common across many religious traditions.