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Angela Thurston combines art and spirit to leaven twenty-first-century community

Circles Rise Together

September 1, 2015

Angie Thurston grew up acting, writing, and making visual art in Boulder, Colorado. So, when she came to Brown University as an undergraduate, she was thrilled to study with the Pulitzer-Prize-winning playwright Paula Vogel. But while she learned a lot about art from Vogel, she says that she learned even more about community.

Professor Catherine Brekus helps students forge pathways to knowledge

The Wayfarer

September 1, 2015

In 1871, Thomas Nast drew an editorial cartoon about Catholic immigration to the United States. Entitled "The American River Ganges," it depicts bishops as crocodiles

Hempton Traces Europe's New Religious Landscape

Hempton Traces Europe's New Religious Landscape

September 1, 2015

To Dean David N. Hempton, Europe has lost touch with the roots of its culture and is at a crossroads. The once- Christian continent is in an identity crisis amid an increasingly secular and interconnected world.

Barakat Bundle

Bundles of Hope

August 26, 2015

As someone who recently earned her master of theological studies degree, Mitul Daiyan never pictured herself playing a role in launching a social venture start-up, but the HDS graduate is doing exactly that.