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Fad Diets

Fad Diets as Religion?

July 7, 2016

From Jews keeping kosher to Jains’ strict vegetarianism, dietary restrictions are common across many religious traditions.

From left, Arleigh Prelow, Roy Davis, and Cori Tucker-Price.

Remembering Deacon Roy

July 1, 2016

I opened up my Facebook page Tuesday morning—a practice I usually don't indulge in at first wake. Typically, before the news of the outside world outside engages my mind and spirit, I arise and move into devotional and scripture reading

Nestor Pimienta

Taking Care of Their Own

June 30, 2016

As an undergraduate in Los Angeles, Nestor Pimienta was often asked by university workers if he could tutor their children to steer them toward the road he took. Driven by a passion for social justice that he attributes to having grown up in an immigrant, working-class family, Pimienta ended up tutoring the son of a cafeteria worker, but he realized he could do more if others would join his efforts.

Leslie MacPherson Artinian

Humans of HDS: On Grace and Theology

June 29, 2016

HDS staff member Leslie MacPherson Artinian is one of the most recognizable faces on campus. During a typical day, she may be found handling the financials for the OMS office, tending to the HDS garden, helping plan a national conference, or learning more about world faith traditions at Noon Service.