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From the Pulpit to the Airwaves

From the Pulpit to the Airwaves

March 10, 2009

It is possible that Jerry Lewis—the American comedian and entertainer—does not know what has become of his old six-screen cinema on Crescent Avenue in Brockton, Massachusetts.

For nearly six years now, the weathered building—tucked near the outer edge of a busy, nondescript shopping plaza—has served as the sanctuary for Kingdom Church of God in Christ, pastored by the Rev. Alexander Hurt, MTS '96.

When Boston Was the Hub of the Literary World

When Boston Was the Hub of the Literary World

March 5, 2009

Matthew Pearl wove an engaging tale of Boston’s literary legacy at a talk sponsored by the Woodberry Poetry Room and The Wick, a Harvard Divinity School publication.

HDS Sees 11 Percent Spike in Applicants

March 3, 2009

HDS saw an 11 percent increase in total applicants this year, prompted in large part by the weak economy and HDS's increased efforts to reach prospective students.

Youth Talk Peace For Middle East

February 26, 2009

An Israeli and a Palestinian came together yesterday afternoon to discuss compromise and joint action in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict at an event held at HDS.