Matthew L. Potts

Matthew L. Potts

Assistant Professor of Ministry Studies
Matthew Potts

HDS professor Matthew Potts / Photo: Evgenia Eliseeva


  • BA, University of Notre Dame
  • MDiv, Harvard Divinity School
  • PhD, Harvard University


Matthew Potts joined the faculty of HDS in 2013. He studies the theology and practices of Christian communities with a focus on the relationship among narrative, liturgy, and ethics.

In particular, he seeks to analyze and interpret Christian sacramental practices while employing the resources of literature, literary theory, and Christian theology. His forthcoming book, Cormac McCarthy and the Signs of Sacrament: Literature, Theology, and the Moral of Stories (Bloomsbury Academic) uncovers in contemporary fiction a moral framework that is deeply indebted to traditions of Christian sacramental theology. His next book project will examine theories of sacrifice in postmodernity alongside Christian understandings of the atonement and recent American fiction. Other interests include theologies of revelation, theories of narrative, the ethics of forgiveness and reconciliation, contemporary Anglican theology, and preaching.

Professor Potts is ordained a priest in the Episcopal Church and has served several parishes in Massachusetts.

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