Yakir Englander

Yakir Englander

Visiting Lecturer in Women's Studies and Judaism
WSRP Research Associate
WSRP Research Associate Yakir Englander

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Yakir Englander is a specialist in modern Jewish philosophy, with a focus on gender issues and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. His PhD, from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (2012), is in Jewish philosophy and gender studies. His dissertation, "The Perception of the Male Body in Ultra-Orthodox Society during the Last Sixty Years, and its Ramifications for Understanding the Human Subject and the World," offers new understandings of the images of the male body in Jewish Ultra-Orthodox contexts in recent decades.

Englander's research is interdisciplinary, touching on the interfaces between Jewish philosophy, Jewish law, and gender studies. He has authored articles on sexuality in Judaism (gay and lesbian issues, masturbation, and women's sexuality in Jewish divorce law), on the role of the body as a mnemonic in the work of post-Holocaust writer Aharon Appelfeld, on "shame" in the Talmud, and on the body of the Hasidic tzadik (Jewish saint). His first book (co-authored with Avi Sagi) examines aspects of the religious-Zionist image of the body and sexuality during the last decade (Shalom Hartman Institute Press, 2013 in Hebrew; forthcoming in English). His second book, Perception of Male Body in Ultra-Orthodox Thought will be published in the Hebrew University Press (in Hebrew).

Englander is interested interfaith dialogue and the role of religions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, as well as theory and practice of nonviolent social change. He has been developing understanding of these issues through his volunteer work as director of Kids4Peace in Israel and Palestine—a member of the global interfaith dialogue organization, Kids4Peace International. In 2011, he received the Berlinsky-Sheinfeld Award for Change in Israeli Society from the Israel Council of Higher Education for his work with Kids4Peace. Today he serves as the Vice President of Kids4Peace International and works with Muslim-Christian-Jewish leaders in Israel and Palestine and in North America.

Research project

Within and Without the Walls: The Status of Ultra-Orthodox Women in the Jewish Public Sphere (1980–2010)

Focusing on the Lithuanian ultra-orthodox community in Israel, this project examines the exclusion of women both from the point of view of (male) Haredi literature and through the eyes of women as revealed in rebbitzins’ recorded lectures. It examines definitions of 'public sphere' and 'private sphere' in the Haredi world-view.

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