From Associate Dean Hannah Peters

When we began planning for the Campaign for Harvard Divinity School in 2012, we knew the stakes were high.

On the cusp of the School’s bicentennial, Dean Hempton had a vision for HDS—one that would renew and propel it into a third century of leadership in the study of religion. It would take substantial new resources to make this vision a reality and to cement the School’s distinctive mission of academic excellence, professional education, and multireligious community.

Thanks to you, we successfully met this daunting challenge. In the years to come, we will transform the HDS campus with twenty-first-century teaching, research, and convening spaces worthy of the diverse students, scholars, and leaders we attract. Thanks to you, we will advance religious knowledge and bring it to literally hundreds of thousands of people around the world through programs like the groundbreaking Religious Literacy Project and the initiative on Religions and the Practice of Peace, and through massive open online courses on the HarvardX platform. And thanks to you, we will bring to HDS the most talented and devoted students, regardless of their financial circumstances, with an aid program that provides scholarships to 9 out of 10 degree candidates.

There is so much more to do. An understanding of religion is essential to virtually all cultures and disciplines, so we must extend HDS’s international reach. We must increase the diversity and excellence of our faculty and students. Only in this way can we achieve our highest goal: to model the respectful, authentic conversations on complex and sensitive topics that are vital to our flourishing as a human society.

Your overwhelming generosity throughout the campaign indicates that our work here matters. In these challenging times, your devotion to and enthusiasm for HDS inspire us all and ensure that our future is bright. Let’s stride boldly into it together!


Signature of Hannah Peters

Hannah Peters
Associate Dean, Development and External Relations