January 24, 2020

Welcome to 2020, which will no doubt be a momentous year for our School.

I hope everyone had a nice, restful winter recess. Typically the campus is pretty quiet while many of our students and faculty are away until the semester begins (this year on January 27). However, there was no shortage of activity taking place over this recent break.

Shawmut Construction and its crews were busy inside and outside Swartz Hall, transforming the century-old building into an energy-efficient, welcoming, and collaborative learning environment that will better serve our community and future students.

I’ve included some images here so you can see the progress that’s been made while many of us were away. First you’ll see the building foundation walls being set for the addition.

Swartz Hall addition

The next two pictures show that crews working on the inside of the building have hung new plumbing pipes and have started framing the interior walls for the new office and classroom layout.

Swartz Hall interior work

Swartz Hall interior framing

This next picture shows the construction of the new accessible ramp and steps in the chapel.

Swartz Hall chapel ramp

Finally, a large part of the demolition work has involved emptying out the old stack wing. Here you can see that progress continues in that area and the space is very close to being ready to start building out.

Swartz Hall old stack wing

This is the year where the Swartz Hall renewal project will really start to take shape—literally. The accessible addition that will house a new common area and café and flexible classroom and meeting spaces will soon grow. With the old stack wing nearly prepped, work will soon begin to create the new multifaith space.

The work taking place now and over the next 12 months will have a lasting impact on the future of our School, its students, alumni, faculty, staff, and visitors. I’m excited to see it happen and to keep you updated as it progresses.

Site work. Work continues placing footings and walls in Swartz Hall and in the old stack wing elevator pit. Waterproofing for the addition foundation is ongoing. Crews will continue to dewater and excavate the courtyard, as well as conduct foundation work, in preparation for the building addition. Interior demolition activities, rough framing, and plumbing and electrical work are ongoing. Dumpster swaps are ongoing. All activities are subject to change based on weather or other circumstances.