BTI Placements

HDS students using a BTI field education site

If a student is unable to find a suitable field education placement with an HDS-accredited site, the student may pursue a Boston Theological Institute (BTI) placement, in consultation with the director of field education. Each school within the BTI welcomes students from other schools to engage in field education at one of their sites, when the site is not filled by one of their own students. All approved field education placements must meet standards of competent supervision, including one-on-one weekly supervision meetings. Supervisors must be available for regular consultation and meet the requirements and deadlines for learning agreements and evaluations. 

The student must adhere to BTI field education policies and coordinate fully with the sponsoring school. In order to receive full credit, the student must submit copies of all field education paperwork to the sponsoring school and HDS.

BTI students using HDS field education site

The student must adhere to BTI field education policies. BTI students in an HDS site will follow HDS requirements for field education paperwork and deadlines. They are responsible for forwarding copies of each set of forms to their respective school. BTI students are not eligible for the use of Federal Work Study Funds for field education placements at HDS sites.

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