Placement Contract Guide

The submission of the placement contract registers the placement with the Office of Ministry Studies (OMS). Once a student and a supervisor agree to do a field education unit together, the student is responsible for notifying the OMS by submitting a field education placement contract by the published deadline. If a student does not find an acceptable placement, she or he should contact the OMS dean or assistant director of field education immediately for consultation and assistance in finding a suitable site.

Compensation information

It is important for students to discuss and understand how compensation works at the site before completing the online forms. Compensation arrangements must be agreed upon and complete when you submit the online form. Please refer to the Field Education Handbook for compensation guidelines.

Federal Work Study Funds and OMS funding are available for eligible HDS students only.

Federal Work-Study Funds (FWSF):

  • Student and supervisor confirm that the site and the work engaged at the site meets Federal Work-Study guidelines
  • Student confirms eligibility and dollar amount as determined by the Office of Financial Aid
  • Enter the amount of your total eligibility (maximum $6,000 for academic year; maximum $5,000 for summer)
  • Enter the amount of site’s corresponding co-pay (total work-study eligibility x 25%). This requires that you and your supervisor understand who will pay the required FWSF co-pay. OMS will bill the site directly for the 25% of the students total earnings. Note: OMS generally covers this co-pay for CPE and other health care placements. In this circumstance, you will designate that you are using FWSF and request OMS assistance for the co-pay.
  • If the site is unable to pay full co-pay, you and your supervisor may request OMS assistance. Funding assistance is granted in a limited number of cases each term. Please specify the amount of the request and provide an explanation.

If the site is a religious institution and is requesting to use FWSF:

  • You must detail the amount of hours eligible for work-study funding. This must equal a minimum of 233 hours out of a total of 350 hours to be worked across the duration of the field education placement.
  • List the work-study eligible tasks and the amount of time (hours/week) spent on each task.

Site reimburses HDS

In certain circumstances a site can request that HDS hire the student and then be billed for the student’s earnings.

International students (for HDS students only)

If a student is a non-U.S. citizen and requests funds from Office of Ministry Studies:

Student confirms with the Office of Financial Aid that they are the equivalent of Federal Work Study eligible as if they were a U.S. citizen. The site and work engaged at the site must meet work study guidelines.

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