Forms and Applications

All field education forms will be submitted through the Field Education 4516A Canvas course website by the posted deadlines.

At the beginning of the semester, all MDiv students will be added to the Field Education Canvas course website for the academic year.

Once Placement Contracts are reviewed, OMS will remove any students not participating in field ed from the course roster.

Students select their own field education placements and upload the Placement Contract to Canvas to register the placement with the Office of Ministry Studies (OMS). The field education program deadlines and forms are designed to support and give structure to your learning experience.

Each stage of a field education placement requires that these forms are completed in full by the published deadlines, including student and supervisor electronic signatures. Each submission is reviewed and approved by the Director of Field Education in the Office of Ministry Studies. Our office will be in touch with you if we should need more information or have clarifying questions.

BTI students borrowing an HDS site must contact the Office of Ministry Studies prior to submission of forms to coordinate fully with HDS on the placement. For details on borrowing a HDS site, please visit the BTI Placements page.

Submitting field education forms

Use the field education placement guides below to prepare and submit all field education forms.


If a deadline cannot be met due to unforeseeable circumstances, the student must complete and file an Extension Request form with the Office of Ministry Studies no later than two days before the deadline. If an extension is granted, the negotiated due date must be met.