Meet Some MDivs

Willie Bodrick, MDiv '14

"It Can't Stay the Same"

February 1, 2019
The Rev. Willie Bodrick, MDiv '14, is a pastor at Twelfth Baptist Church in Roxbury, Massachusetts, and is serving as a leader in state and local government.
Ohio gathering

Clergy Support Columbus Officers’ Civil-Rights Concerns, Other Issues

January 28, 2019
“There is a deeply rooted tradition in the United States, (and) around the world, of clergy functioning as representatives of their community and, in particular, functioning as community representatives who remind the community of their ideals,” says Senior Lecturer Dan McKanan.
Nones and Nuns

What Can Nuns and ‘Nones’ Learn from One Another?

September 7, 2018
HDS's Ministry Innovation Fellows are sponsoring the Nuns and Nones project, which seeks to bring these two groups together in order to explore new forms of community life, help millennials see models for sustainable activism and create an intergenerational network of connections.
Professor Stephanie Paulsell

How Millennials Gather

April 27, 2018
Professor Stephanie Paulsell writes how peer-led discussions among young Muslims, Christian experiments in communal living, and pop-up Shabbat meals embody common yearnings.
Alum Robert Franklin

Leadership by Example

March 29, 2018

Robert Franklin is worried about America. He sees distance, mistrust, and division in society eroding the foundations of U.S. democracy. A student of political science, Franklin understands that changing demographics, geographic isolation, identity politics, and economic inequality are all factors in the country’s polarization. But the James T. and Berta R. Laney Professor at Emory University sees a deeper cause as well: a failure of moral leadership.... Read more about Leadership by Example