Admission to the Program

Update: The 2021 Summer Language Program application is now available.

SLP Application

SLP has an open admission, and anyone who is currently registered at a college or university is welcome to apply. There is a $50 non-refundable application fee. For more information, please see our page on tuition.

Please note that every student may only take one SLP language due to the intensive nature of the language immersion during the eight weeks of the program.

Non-HDS students taking the SLP for course credit (except for Boston Theological Interreligious [BTI] Consortium students) will be charged full tuition, in addition to the application and program fees. Auditing classes (no course credit) is possible.

The SLP is unable to grant or assist with Student Visas/I-20s for international students.

Application to the Summer Language Program 2021:

You can apply until Thursday, June 10. The initial benchmark date for the SLP is Friday, May 7, 2021, when we will decide about whether a course can be run this summer (has more than five students enrolled), or whether we have very high enrollment and will need two sections of a course, etc. For this reason, please apply earlier in the year to secure space in a class. If you choose to apply after Friday, May 7, please be aware that some classes may only have waitlist spots left, or may no longer accept students. After May 7, the Registrar’s Office will be in touch regarding your program fee and/or tuition payments.

BTI Students


Please consider the following information when signing up for the HDS SLP:


  • The BTI consortial agreement does not extend to SLP enrollment. Therefore, SLP courses are not listed in the BTI catalog and the SLP registration does not go through the cross-registration portal.
  • BTI students who are interested and want to enroll in the HDS SLP must complete the SLP application and pay the $50.00 application fee, and later the reduced tuition of $2,250.00.
  • Before submitting an application:
    • BTI students should also check with their home schools to see whether, or not, the SLP course they intend to take will meet any degree requirements.
    • If cost of the program is a consideration, students within the BTI schools should check with their respective school’s financial aid office to see if they are eligible for aid from their school.
    • Unfortunately, HDS is unable to offer aid for the SLP.

    Should you have questions, please contact the SLP Office .