Information for SLP Auditors

SLP Auditors: Please note if you are planning to audit the SLP 2021, you will be waitlisted. More information about whether you will be admitted to the class of your choice will be available after May 7, 2021.

Course-specific auditing guidelines

Classical Arabic auditors: Auditors should keep the following in mind:

  • Auditors similar to all other students are expected to come to class fully prepared at all times. Since this is an intensive course which meets four days a week for up to three hours, it is of utmost importance that you follow the class schedule closely and prepare for each class effectively. In preparation for class you should:
    i. Study the assigned lessons in your textbook and memorize the vocabulary provided in each lesson.
    ii. Do the exercises beforehand. Some exercises will be assigned as turn-in homework, but you are responsible to work on all exercises.
    iii. Read the assigned texts carefully with the help of the glossary and grammar notes.
    iv. Prepare specific questions to ask in class or during office hours. 
  • This class has a strict attendance policy for everyone. Auditors are expected to attend all the classes and sections. Attendance will be taken everyday. If you must miss a class due to illness, emergency or religious observation, please inform the instructor. 
  • Auditors are expected to complete all the homework assignments which will be corrected but not graded. 
  • Auditors are required to take all the quizzes which will be corrected, but not graded. Auditors are welcome to take the midterm and the final, but this is not a requirement. 

Elementary Syriac auditors: Please note that as an auditor, you will not receive any grade or course credit for this class. But there are a few rules I hope the auditors can follow in order to help us build an effective learning environment from which all Syriac students can benefit:

  • Attendance: I expect all auditors to attend each class meeting. Since this is an intensive language course that covers a lot of material in a relatively short amount of time, missing one class will create difficulties for you to catch up. Also, please inform me of any absence due to illness, religious observation or emergency.
  • Homework: Auditors are not required to do the homework. But I suggest you to preview and review the assigned lessons, memorize the vocabulary, and at least do some homework to consolidate your knowledge of Syriac. If you submit your homework, I am more than happy to correct it and provide feedback, but no grade will be given.
  • In class participation: I invite auditors to participate in class meetings. You are welcome to take in-class quizzes, raise questions, and share your knowledge with us.
  • Exams: Auditors are welcome to take the midterm and the final. Again, I will correct them and provide feedback, but no grade will be given.

German for Reading in Theological and Religious Studies auditorsYou have signed up to audit the class. Please note that you will not receive a grade, nor course credit, for this class. Regardless, you will be a participant in the class and contribute to its success. Therefore, I ask that you please abide by the following rules:

  • Attendance: I expect you to attend class regularly. You are also expected to be part of the TF translation sessions. You are not required to go to TF office hours. If you are unable to attend a class, please let me know.
  • Homework: You are invited to do the homework assignments, but not required. If you submit your homework, I will be glad to provide feedback and/or suggestions.
  • Translation project: You are invited to do the translation project, but not required.
  • Feedback: You will take the quizzes (vocabulary and/or translation exams) not for a grade, but so that I can assess your progress and provide feed-back to you about your learning.
  • Participation: You are welcome to participate in class meetings.

Intermediate New Testament Greek auditors:

If you choose to audit this course, you will not receive a grade or credit. You are otherwise welcome to participate in the class.

  • Attendance: Please attend class on a regular basis and feel free to meet with the TF during office hours for help with coursework.
  • Class participation: You are welcome to join in class recitations, discussions, projects and other tasks.
  • Homework: The more homework you do, the more you will benefit from this course, but none is required for auditors
  • Assessment: I will correct but not grade any assessments that you complete to give you feedback about your progress towards meeting your goals.

Intermediate Biblical Hebrew auditors:

Auditors are expected to come to class fully prepared at all times, as if taking the course for credit. It is essential that you follow the class schedule closely and prepare fully for each class: if you do not, given the intensity of the program, you are likely to fall very far behind, very quickly, resulting in the class sessions being a waste of time for you. Related to this, attendance for every class session is mandatory, apart from in exceptional circumstances.

In preparation for class you should:

  • Prepare the assigned texts, taking care properly to look up all unfamiliar vocabulary and morphology
  • Study the vocabulary lists, taking care to understand the root system of biblical Hebrew
  • Study the assigned accents markers
  • Participation: be prepared to read, translate, and answer questions on the assigned text
  • There is no expectation that auditors take part in one of the elective assignments sections. However, you are welcome to if you so desire.
  • There are no formal assessments for this class: all grades are given through participation and preparation, as such you needn't worry about having to complete specific assignments other than those listed above.

Theological French auditors:

As an auditor, you will not receive a grade, nor course credit, for this class. You should nevertheless strive to come prepared to every class, submit assignments, and participate in quizzes and exams for practice. Otherwise, you will not get much out of this intensive course.

Please follow these guidelines:

  • Attendance: You are expected to attend all class meetings. If you know that you will miss a class for any reason, please notify me in advance.
  • Homework: You are expected to come to class prepared for the work of the day. You are not required to hand in all of the homework (grammar exercises), but you are strongly encouraged to submit your translation assignments, so you can benefit from my edits and suggestions.
  • Quizzes and Exams: You are expected to take the weekly vocabulary quizzes and the exams (translations), not for a grade, but so that you can assess your progress, and receive feedback about your work and learning. You can choose not to submit the quizzes but remember that building vocabulary is essential to making progress in this course.
  • Participation: You are expected to participate actively in our class meetings, with your camera on. Being a silent or invisible observer makes little sense in a language course where students make progress by regular participation.

Elementary New Testament Greek auditors:

Auditors are welcome to Elementary New Testament Greek. The main requirement is that they regularly attend class and do their best to stay up with homework. Quizzes and exams are optional, and the instructor will gladly correct them without giving any grade.

Theological Spanish auditors:

Auditors do not receive grades or course credit for this class. They should, however, come prepared to participate in all aspects of our class sessions.

As such, auditors must adhere to the following:

  • Attendance: Auditors are expected to attend all class meetings.
  • Homework: Auditors are expected to complete the grammar and translation homework assigned for each class meeting so that they can participate fully in class activities. Assignments will not be graded.
  • Exams: Auditors are not required to take exams, but can do so if they would like to track their progress in this way. Exams will be corrected but not graded.
  • Participation: Auditors must participate actively in class meetings, with the camera on, as if they were taking this course for a grade. Auditors’ participation helps them progress in their language learning, and also contributes to creating the collaborative and collegial atmosphere that is vital to this course.