Cross-Registration for Non-HDS Students

Harvard Divinity School welcomes students from other Harvard schools, from MIT, from the Fletcher School at Tufts, and from schools of the Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium. View the HDS Academic Calendar for important deadlines. Note especially that cross-registered students must complete their cross-registration by the earliest of the two schools’ deadlines.

All cross-registered students must abide by the policies and regulations of Harvard Divinity School as listed in the HDS Handbook for Students. See especially the sections titled "Course Registration" and "Standards of Conduct and the Learning Environment."

Cross-registrants should consult their Registrar's Office to determine if they have any additional requirements or regulations.

Harvard University

Cross-registration into HDS is open to students from the following Harvard schools:

  • The Faculty of Arts and Sciences (FAS)
  • Harvard Business School (HBS)
  • Harvard Graduate School of Design (GSD)
  • Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE)
  • Harvard Kennedy School (HKS)
  • Harvard Law School (HLS)
  • Harvard Medical School (HMS)
  • Harvard School of Dental Medicine (SDM)
  • Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health (SPH)

Students from these schools wishing to cross-register into HDS should do so using the my.harvard student portal. For instructions, see How to Cross-Register in my.harvard in the Harvard University Information Technology Knowledge Base.

Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium

Cross-registration into HDS is open to students from the following schools of the Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium:

  • Boston College (BC)
  • Boston College School of Theology and Ministry (BCSTM)
  • Boston University School of Theology (BU)
  • Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (GCTS)
  • Hartford Seminary (HS)
  • Hebrew College (HEBC)
  • Holy Cross Greek Orthodox School of Theology (HC)
  • St. John's Seminary (SJS)

Courses taught by faculty members of other Schools within Harvard University are not included within the cross-registration agreement that exists among the Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium member schools. This includes some courses with HDS numbers that are taught by faculty members housed at another School within the University.

To determine whether a particular course is available to BTI Consortium cross-registrants, please check its individual course description in the my.harvard Course Catalog. You may also view all courses open to BTI Consortium students using the my.harvard Course Catalog Advanced Search feature (select "Divinity School" as the School and "Available for BTI Consortium Cross Registration" from the Cross Registration selection list).

Students from other Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium schools interested in cross-registering into HDS can begin the process by visiting the Cross-Registration page of the BTI Consortium website.

Other schools

Cross-registration into HDS is also available to students of the following schools:

  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
  • The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University (Fletch)

MIT students who wish to cross-register into HDS should see Harvard Cross-Registration Instructions for MIT Students on the MIT Registrar's Office website.

Tufts University students wishing to cross-register into HDS should visit the Harvard University Cross Registration page and follow the instructions under "Cross Registration for Tufts University and Brown University Students."