Choose HDS

Students at 2013 convocation

See why two students with very different backgrounds and aspirations decided to come to Harvard Divinity School—and why you should choose HDS.

Soldier, Father, Scholar

Cary Dabney’s path to HDS included upbringing in a community Jehovah’s Witnesses, two terms in the United States Marines, and parenthood. When he graduates, he hopes to work as a lay minister in the diocese of his hometown in Ohio. Find out how the HDS experience is transforming him—and his family.

DivEx: "I Can Do This"

See how the School’s extraordinary Divinity Explorations program showed Dabney that a first generation college graduate from Youngstown, Ohio—and an African American man—belonged at HDS.

(Re)Learning to Read

Hear Dabney talk about the classroom experience at HDS, and how he’s learning to approach scripture—and any text—with a new sense of history and perspective.

A Legacy Shift

The HDS envelope that applicant Dabney found in his mailbox one day contained a surprise that changed his life and his children’s future.

Stronger in My Faith

Find out why Dabney says that HDS’s critical approach to the study of religion makes him a better Catholic.

Devoted to Global Health

Lauren Taylor garnered praise from policy makers and scholars alike as co-author of the 2013 book, The American Healthcare Paradox. Learn why she found that knowledge of religion was critical to making progress in her work to improve global health—and how that work has become a ministry for her.

Partnering for Public Health

Hear how HDS helps Taylor understand the meaning of partnership and gives her the vocabulary she needs to collaborate with communities around the world and improve the health of their people.

Why HDS?

Find out how the flexibility of the School’s degree programs enables Taylor to leverage the enormous resources of Harvard University and build a curriculum that aligns with her vision.

Divinity in Action: Ghana

Learn why Taylor’s HDS experience is critical to her work on the mental health system in Ghana, one of the world’s most religious countries.

A Ministry of Open Doors

See why Taylor, who may never scale a church pulpit, has come to understand her work in global health as a ministry.