Collegeville Institute for Ecumenical and Cultural Research

The Collegeville Institute offers a Resident Scholars Program as well as a Short-Term Residency Program.

The Resident Scholars Program is normally for postdoctoral research. On occasion the admissions committee considers applications from persons with qualifications other than an already completed academic doctoral degree. Anyone without a doctorate is encouraged to explore the possibility of application first with the executive director. Resident scholars are expected to devote full time to their research projects as described in the applications. They should not plan to be away from Collegeville, Minnesota, for frequent and/or extended periods of time.

The Short-Term Residency Program is designed to accommodate people who can't find time for a semester stay, but who can get away for a three-week or longer commitment. Welcoming people with differing interests, backgrounds, and disciplines, the program provides for a variety of purposes, while still allowing individuals to take full advantage of the Institute experience.