Graduate Stories

HDS graduates embark on careers as varied as the students themselves. As ministers, faculty, physicians, social workers, public policy experts, and many other fields, they take into their professional lives the unique experiences they had as students.

The Diplomats

Susan Hayward, MDiv ’07, with the Dalai Lama“Violence doesn’t have the last word, love overcomes hate, and putting your faith and your belief in those things is not a weakness, but a strength.” —Susan Hayward, MDiv ’07

The Modern Divines

Rev. Erik Martinez Resly, MDiv ’12“We can never fully grasp the fullness of each other’s differences but when two people compose a song together, there are those moments of being in sync.” —Erik Martinez Resly, MDiv ’12

Leaders Who Serve

Rick Santos, MTS '92“The MTS track gave me the ability to really go as broad and as wide as I needed to really understand and give context to the world in which I live.” —Rick Santos, MTS ’92

Writers Find Their Voice

Robin Coste Lewis, MTS ’97, photo by Amanda Schwengel, courtesy of Hampshire College“I looked at [Peter Gomes] and said, ‘Peter, do you have any idea what is going on?’ And he looked at me and said, ‘Not a clue, darling.’ But he said it with a tone of joy, as if to say, ‘And that’s the point.’” —Robin Coste Lewis, MTS ’97