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Naman Patel

Humans of HDS: Hip Hop as a Form of Narrative

November 21, 2019

"Me being a hip hop artist ties into the dissemination aspect of my academic interests because I think historically hip hop and rap has been the means by which analytic critics have been able to compose their observations into songs that are received by people."—Naman Patel, MTS '20

Meeting about Swartz Hall


November 20, 2019

The fences are up, the hard hats are on, and ground has been broken on the most sweeping campus renewal effort in Harvard Divinity School’s 200-year history.... Read more about Groundbreaking

Professor Mayra Rivera. Photo: Courtesy Mayra Rivera

Theologians and Women of Color You Should Be Reading

November 18, 2019
HDS Professor of Religion and Latinx Studies Mayra Rivera and former Women's Studies in Religion Program Research Associate Katie Cannon are "theologians and women of color you should be reading," according to The Seattle School of Theology and Psychology.
Scotty McLennan

What Makes Life Real

November 14, 2019

In Leo Tolstoy's The Death of Ivan Ilyich, the title character agonizes over a dreadful thought as he nears the end of his life: “What if my entire life, my entire conscious life, was not the real thing?” Scotty McLennan asks his students to ponder the same question before they start their careers as global entrepreneurs and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies.... Read more about What Makes Life Real

Sheila Glenn

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

November 14, 2019

Sheila Glenn wasn't always "the Rev. Sheila Glenn." As a young adult, the pastor from New York City got swept up in the drug culture and was an addict for many years before making the choice to seek treatment. That choice led her back to church, to college, and eventually to Harvard Divinity School, where, in the sermon that won her the 2008 Billings Preaching Prize, she reflected on what it took to get sober and sane.

... Read more about Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Professor Frank Clooney

Three Monastics, Two Popes, and This Priest: Life at Harvard

November 13, 2019

"So there it is: three monastics, two popes, one priest, all in two days, grounded in the HDS and Harvard realities of today. Such events are outside the rightfully ordinary mainstream of Catholic community and ministry, to be sure, but it is good that they occur, and good for me as priest to be witness to them, part of this great and unpredictable flow of academic and spiritual energies," writes Professor Frank Clooney.


Merav Mack

Video: Jerusalem: City of the Book

November 11, 2019

What might it look like to see Jerusalem, with its cross-hatched encounters between people of diverse faiths and cultures, as a city of the book?

Graham Harvey

Video: We Have Always Been Animists

November 7, 2019

Graham Harvey, professor of religious studies at The Open University (UK), discusses animism and how our relations are damaged by ongoing efforts to separate (human) culture from ‘nature’ and humans from other species.

Professor Carrasco

Picturing a 'New Human Family'

November 7, 2019

The destruction of one of the world’s great civilizations. The slaughter of thousands of indigenous people—and the enslavement of thousands more. These atrocities were the consequence of the Spanish conquest of the Aztec Empire in 1519. Yet Davíd Carrasco notes that the arrival of Europeans on the North American mainland also resulted in alliances, intermarriage, new forms of religion and culture, and the birth of what he calls a “new human family.”... Read more about Picturing a 'New Human Family'

The Great Hack

Politics of the Unseen

October 30, 2019

Terry Tempest Williams, HDS’s writer-in-residence, and film producer Geralyn White Dreyfous have curated a special film series that is open to the Harvard community as well as the general public, and includes the chance for audience members to engage in discussion with directors, producers, and subjects of the films.... Read more about Politics of the Unseen

Cornell William Brooks

Breaking the Cycle of Systemic Racism

October 25, 2019

In an interview with the Public Health Post, HDS Visiting Professor Cornell William Brooks talks about his career in activism and the fight for social justice.