2019 Dean's Report

From Dean Hempton

Borders Are Tricky Things (Issuu)


Highlights 2018–19: To Make a World of Difference


Picturing a 'New Human Family': Carrasco unveils the complexity of postcolonial Mesoamerican history.

Attending to Animals: Buddhist scholar Janet Gyatso considers life in the post-human world.

Excavating the Spiritual Genius of Black People: Todne Thomas sheds light on Afro-diasporic religious life

For Intellectual Leadership, Professional Service, and Ministry: HDS students develop a deep and intellectually rigorous understanding of the world’s religious traditions and the ways in which they shape the lives of people everywhere.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Rev. Sheila Glenn’s journey of recovery and ministry.

What Makes Life Real : Rev. Scotty McLennan connects business students with ‘the beyond within’.

A Powerful Form of Love: Frederick-Gray leads the UUA’s push for social justice.

Groundbreaking: Work begins on Swartz Hall transformation.

A Renewed Pledge for Student Support: As students face new financial pressures, HDS marshals new resources to meet the challenge.

Lifting the Burden: Wayne Yow and Joanne Yau (Issuu)

Faculty Awards and Books (Issuu)

2018–19 Financials (Issuu)

Peter J. Gomes STB ’68 Memorial Honorees

Kazmi Reaches Out: Salma Kazmi, MTS ’09

Modeling Ministry for a Multireligious World: Kerry Maloney, chaplain and director of Religious and Spiritual Life

A Sanctuary for Artists and Activists: Rev. Erik Martinez Resly, MDiv ’12

At USC, Soni Meets Mental Health Crisis with Mindfulness: Varun Soni, MTS ’99

'Not Sorry' for Bringing New Meaning to Beloved Books": Vanessa Zoltan, MDiv ’15

In Memoriam

Anne Monius, Distinguished Scholar and Dedicated Mentor

Dean’s Distinguished Service Award

Derek C. M. Van Bever, MDiv '11 (Issuu)


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