To advance understanding of the ways that religion shapes the world

Harvard President Drew Faust and Pusey Minister Jonathan Walton

THE HDS FACULTY INCLUDES SOME OF THE WORLD'S TOP SCHOLARS of Christianity, Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, and Buddhism. We study religion critically and rigorously to illuminate the beliefs and practices that lie at the foundation of societies.

With your help, the campaign will enable the School to expand teaching and research in non-Western religious traditions—as well as in the realms of Christianity and Judaism where HDS has traditionally been strong—to fulfill its role as a global institution.


  • Professorships: Enable preeminent scholarship in areas such as Hebrew Bible, African Christianity, African American religions, Buddhism, and modern Jewish religious thought ($4M–$6M endowments);
  • HDS One Harvard Fund: Support interdisciplinary teaching, research, and curriculum development, as well as faculty and student collaborations across Harvard ($1M endowment/$50K current use);
  • Religious Literacy Project: Advance multi-pronged effort to enhance the public understanding of religion in contemporary global, national, and local contexts
    ($250K current use);
  • Women’s Studies in Religion Program: Enable exploration of the critical role that women play in global religion ($3M endowment for named directorship/$10K min gift to Constance Buchanan Endowment for research associates);
  • Science, Religion & Culture Program: Support efforts to solve problems at the crossroads of science and religion ($1M endowment/$10K annual support).

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Ashlynn Rickord

Highlighting Forgotten Histories

September 6, 2016

This summer, thanks to several generous gifts in support of Dean David N. Hempton’s campaign initiatives, HDS continued its ongoing effort to provide students with financial support so that they can serve communities locally and abroad through organizations unable to offer paid summer experiences.

The Dean’s Summer Internship Awards are $5,000 stipends that enable several MTS students to make positive contributions through… Read more about Highlighting Forgotten Histories

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