HDS alumna Kalpana Jain

STUDENTS COME TO HDS WITH A PASSION FOR LIFE'S BIGGEST QUESTIONS and a genuine desire to make the world a better place. They leave with the skills and knowledge to realize their vision.

With your help, the campaign will enable us to recruit and provide financial support for the most talented and devoted students. Unencumbered by debt, our graduates may then go wherever the world needs them most.


  • Student Support
    • Create unique field education, experiential learning, travel, and other opportunities to educate leaders who bring creativity, imagination, and meaning to the world’s most pressing challenges ($500K endowment/$25K minimum current use);
    • Provide aid that allows students from around the world to attend HDS and serve where they are most needed after graduation ($250K+ named fellowship/$200K endowment for international field education).
  • Dean’s Fund: Enable the School’s leader to pursue new initiatives that expand the boundaries of the study of religion ($25K+ current use).

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Ashlynn Rickord

Highlighting Forgotten Histories

September 6, 2016

This summer, thanks to several generous gifts in support of Dean David N. Hempton’s campaign initiatives, HDS continued its ongoing effort to provide students with financial support so that they can serve communities locally and abroad through organizations unable to offer paid summer experiences.

The Dean’s Summer Internship Awards are $5,000 stipends that enable several MTS students to make positive contributions through… Read more about Highlighting Forgotten Histories

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