Audiovisual Services

HDS IT & Media Services offers audiovisual services and technology to members of the HDS community to support teaching and learning, administration, and official HDS events.  We provide digital audio and video capture and post-production services, live media streaming, and classroom technology consulting.

Available equipment and services include:

  • Voice amplification (wired and wireless microphones)
  • Digital video and audio projection/playback
  • HD video recording
  • Live video streaming
  • Audio recording
  • Legacy audio visual equipment (slide projector, overhead transparency projector, audio cassette or VHS playback) by request

To see what equipment is already available in your class or meeting room, see Classroom and Event AV Services on the HDS intranet (requires login).

Hours of operation and fees

AV support is available on the HDS campus from Monday through Friday, 9 am to 5 pm. Evening and weekend support can be arranged with appropriate advance notice (see below) for an additional charge. For weekend and after-hours fees, please see Classroom and Event AV Services on the HDS intranet (requires login).

Making a reservation

To order equipment or technical support, email or fill out the “Services” section of your room reservation in HDS’s online room reservation system, RoomBook. Advance notice is required:

  • For HDS classes: one week for initial reservation, 48 hours for changes
  • For all other events: two weeks for initial reservation, 48 hours for changes

Support at classes and events

For each audiovisual request, a technician will be present at the start the event to ensure that the equipment is working properly and that the user is comfortable with its operation. If you prefer that a technician remains for the duration of an event to operate and supervise the equipment, you must specifically request this in advance with the appropriate lead time.

Equipment loan policy

All classroom technology and portable audiovisual equipment is intended for use only on the HDS campus. Requests for equipment to be taken offsite will be granted only at the discretion of the director of the Office of IT and Media Services.