Business across Religious Traditions

About BART

Throughout history, economics and religion have been inextricably linked. Today, globalism and religious pluralism are facts of life. Enterprise, invention, and the complexities of faith create synergies. Around the world, religious traditions shape the perceptions of consumers and guide corporate decision making.

Drawing on Harvard Divinity School's distinguished tradition of comparative studies in religion and the resources of one of the world's leading research universities, the Business across Religious Traditions (BART) seminars bring together professionals who share an interest in the relationships between religion and business, exploring the challenges and opportunities of globalism and pluralism in the twenty-first century, and provide participants with information about specific religions and religious practices to help deepen their understanding of the opportunities and challenges of global capitalism in a variety of cultural and geopolitical contexts.

The BART seminars are made possible through the generosity and vision of H. Bruce McEver, MBA '69 and MTS '11.