Religion and Sexuality Seminar

Religion and Sexuality Seminar is a summer seminar for scholars, other writers or artists, religious leaders, and activists who are working on a first large project in which they hope to change the terms of current debates around religion and sexuality. For scholars, this project would be either a doctoral dissertation or a first book. For other writers and artists, religious leaders, and activists, it might be a first book, though it might also be a new curriculum, a series of public presentations and performances, or a media piece.

The seminar understands both "religion" and "sexuality" broadly. Though its staff will have done specialized work mostly in "Western" religious traditions and expressions of sexuality, participants' projects may cover a wide range of religions and sexual cultures. The seminar welcomes various methods in religious studies and theology, from the most focused ethnography or local history to the grandest policy proposal or normative argument. It is also interested in projects about media communication, public policy, religious advocacy, and religious education. It especially seeks participants from outside the United States.

The seminar will be directed by Mark D. Jordan and Mayra Rivera Rivera. Faculty from Harvard and other institutions or organizations will lead sessions in their areas of interest. Large portions of the seminar's time will be devoted to discussing participants' writing in workshop format.

The Religion and Sexuality Seminar will not be meeting in June 2015. We do hope to convene it once again during the summer of 2016. If you would like to receive notice of the seminar's future meetings, please enter your name and contact information below.

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Religion and Sexuality Seminar
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