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The following titles are being offered at sale prices:

William R. Hutchison & Hartmut Lehmann, eds., Many Are Chosen: Divine Election and Western Nationalism, $12.00

Cynthia Briggs Kittredge, Community and Authority: The Rhetoric of Obedience In the Pauline Tradition, $12.00

Helmut Koester, ed., Pergamon, Citadel of the Gods: Archeological Record, Literary Description, and Religious Development, $15.00

Yong Huang, Ritual Goodness & Political Rightness: Beyond the Liberal-Communitarian Debate, $12.00

Rebecca Lesses, Ritual Practices to Gain Power: Angels, Incantations, and Revelation in Early Jewish Mysticism, $12.00

L. Michael White, Social Origins of Christian Architecture: Building God's House in the Roman World, $25.00

James C. Skedros, Saint Demetrios of Thessaloniki: Civic Patron and Divine Protector 4th - 7th Centuries CE, $12.00

Garth Baker Fletcher, Somebodyness: M.L. King & the Theory of Dignity, $12.00

George H. Williams, translator and interpreter, History of the Polish Reformation and Nine Related Documents by Stanislas Lubinecki, $35.00

Patricia E. Guenther-Gleason, On Schleiermacher and Gender Politics, $12.00

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