What do I need to do to be considered for merit-based grant aid?

All applicants to the MDiv and MTS programs are automatically considered for merit-based aid. HDS has a small pool of merit aid that is awarded based on the overall strength of the application. Merit award decisions are made by the admissions committee at the point of admission and are final.  

There is nothing that applicants need to do to be considered for merit-based aid. The admissions committee makes decisions on merit aid based on the strength of the application in the context of the entire applicant pool.  

We strongly encourage all applicants to apply for need-based institutional grants. If an applicant does not receive merit funding and did not apply for need-based institutional aid by the deadline, there is a very strong possibility that we would not be able to review late applications. Admitted applicants will receive either merit-based institutional grants or need-based institutional grants. They will not be awarded from both pools of funding.