Which HDS community events can I attend while I'm on campus?

  • Community Tea. Hosted by the Office of Student Life from 3:30 to 5:15 pm every Tuesday in the academic year, Community Tea offers a chance for students, faculty, and staff to engage in informal conversation over beverages and food. It is a time to relax, refuel, and reconnect with the community. If you are interested in attending Community Tea, please come to the Office of Admissions at 3 pm on Tuesdays to sign in and obtain a visitor pass.

  • Noon Service. Hosted by a different religious community of the HDS campus, this service allows all in the HDS community to pray and meditate with our companions across the boundaries of our many respective traditions. If you are interested in attending Noon Service, please come to the Office of Admissions at 11:30 am to sign in and obtain a visitor pass. Noon Service takes place at 12 pm on most Wednesdays of the academic year.

  • HDS public events. Various events available throughout the academic year. Our public events provide a glimpse into our campus’s vibrant and diverse academic and spiritual community. Please note that some events require independent registration.

  • CSWR public events. Available during the academic year. The Center for the Study of World Religions sponsors a variety of formal and informal academic programs designed to engage scholars and students of religious studies in what is becoming an increasingly globalized field. These programs include lectures, film screenings, conferences and colloquia, panel discussions, and more. CSWR events are wide ranging, covering topics from the historical study of the religions of the world to current events. CSWR events that are open to the public are listed on the CSWR Public Events calendar. Video and audio presentations of recent lectures are available on the CSWR News page.