COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to do to return to campus?

Where do I find test kits beginning January 24?

  • Student pick up: Swartz 106 (OSL), Rock Hall lobby, HDS Library Circulation Desk, CSWR front desk.
  • Faculty/Staff pick up: Swartz 221, Rock Hall lobby, CSWR front desk

Where do I drop off test kits?

  • Northwest Lab, southwest doors near Oxford Street, near the guard desk. Note: Northwest Lab is closest to the HDS campus. Please see map of all test drop-off bins.

How often do I need to be tested?

  • Members of the Harvard community can find their testing cadence requirement by logging into Crimson Clear.

May I test more often?

  • Yes. If you have a concern you may test more frequently than your cadence.

I just received a positive test result. What do I do?

If you receive a notification of a positive test, it’s incredibly important to minimize your movement and exposure to others. HUHS will contact you to discuss what it means to be positive and explain next steps, including a move to isolation and follow-up by a trained, HUHS contact tracer. If you don’t hear from HUHS and have an immediate question, please call them directly. As required by state law, the Massachusetts DPH will also be notified of any positive test result.

After the initial conversation with you, HUHS will contact:

  • HDS emergency leads
  • Campus Services, including emergency management, environmental health and safety, security, facilities management, and dining services

These two groups, in partnership with HUHS, will work together to mobilize local support. They will take great care to ensure your privacy while supporting your move to isolation and, if you’re living on campus, caring for you during the isolation period.

See the Quarantine and Isolation page for more information on isolation protocols.

Anonymity for individuals who test positive for COVID-19 remains paramount. Please respect their privacy—even if you believe you know who they are—so they can focus completely on their health. As a community, we must do everything we can to support one another through this incredibly difficult time. Please do not assume that you have permission to share someone’s COVID status if they share it with you.

What do I do if I am concerned that I have been in contact with someone who may have COVID19?

If anyone has a concern about being a close contact with any COVID case, whether on campus or off campus, you should indicate so in the Crimson Clear self assessment. You will then be contacted and evaluated to determine if you meet the close contact criteria and whether you require monitoring or quarantine.

Is the library open to the Harvard University community only or also to the general public?

Harvard Divinity School Library will reopen its physical spaces to all Harvard affiliates with a HUID on Monday, January 24. Visitors will need to obtain a Harvard College Library Access Card before admission in order to confirm that they have been vaccinated; please read Is Harvard Divinity School Library Open to Visiting Researchers? for details about this process. Our reopening plans align with Harvard Library’s reopening plans and with the University welcoming all students back to campus for the spring 2022 semester. For the library's hours of operation, see Library Hours.

As we reopen, we will continue to follow closely any public health developments and adhere to guidance from the University on safety. We will also continue to provide remote library services that sustained us throughout the pandemic, including Scan & Deliver, digital reserves, and remote research support, while renewing in-person services and enabling users once again to access our spaces.

Who can visit the HDS campus? 

Acceptable visitors are those whose physical presence is key to critical research, teaching, outreach, or business activities—such as someone coming for a late-stage interview for a job, a significant donor, or a distinctive speaker, including those invited by a faculty member to speak to a class.

All visitors must attest in advance of their visit on the Visitor Attestation Form (PDF download required) that they have been fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the FDA or WHO, or that they claim a medical or religious exemption. 

All visitors must attest upon arrival that they are not feeling ill or exhibiting symptoms associated with COVID-19. 

What procedures apply to visits? 

All visitors must have a designated HDS staff or faculty member to serve as a host. The host is responsible for the visitor’s compliance with HDS’s health protocols and visitor procedures, including notifying the visitor of the University’s “COVID-19 Safety Awareness Training: Protection/Prevention Practices” and “Post-Travel Covid Testing and Quarantine Policy.”  

The completed Visitor Attestation Form (PDF download required) must be submitted at least two business days prior to a visitor’s arrival. In an emergency, a shorter notice period may be allowed. 

Visitors staying more than two days must receive a COVID-19 test on the day of arrival through a local clinic or pharmacy at their own expense and report their result to their host. If the test result is positive, the visitor must immediately leave campus and communicate the result to their host, who will report the result to HUHS for contact tracing. Visitors staying for seven days or more must be formally designated as a Person of Interest and follow the protocols for members of the HDS community, including regular testing. 

If you have any questions about the visitor process, please email Kristen Anderson

Where can I find up-to-date information about Harvard’s policies?