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Welcome to the Office of Career Services at Harvard Divinity School, a denominationally independent school with an interfaith student body. The Office of Career Services works closely with employers to identify talented students and alumni for full-time, part-time, and internship positions throughout the year. In addition to ministry and leadership roles within faith communities and scholarly careers in higher education, our graduates prepare for a wide range of professions, including the following:

  • Public and private secondary education
  • Community development, advocacy, human services
  • Management and consulting, especially nonprofit
  • Public policy, law, mediation
  • Arts, publications, communications, media

The HDS educational experience

Students at the Harvard Divinity School benefit from an educational experience designed to provide a broad array of experiences, such as:

Field education

Through the HDS Field Education Program, students receive supervised experience in one or more of about 200 faith communities, nonprofit agencies, and educational organizations. The sites are carefully selected and represent a wide range of missions, affiliations, and professional fields.

Flexible curricula

In consultation with faculty and denominational counselors, students design highly individualized plans of study meeting their specific professional and intellectual interests.

Harvard University and the Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium

As appropriate to their research or professional interests, students may complement theological study at HDS by fulfilling as many as half their degree requirements through coursework at Harvard's other Schools and the member schools of the Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium, all of which are highly acclaimed.

Study of applications

A number of HDS courses focus on such skills as administration and leadership, preaching, community organizing, teaching, and counseling. Again, students may also study applications at any of Harvard's other Schools, as well as the schools comprising the Boston Theological Interreligious Consortium.

Additional experience and training

HDS students frequently take advantage of international study or research opportunities to hone language skills, enhance their global perspective, and/or research specific areas of academic interest.

The value of theological study

Many skills that are vital to virtually any professional field are also essential for success at Harvard Divinity School. Some examples are the ability to research and analyze information critically and accurately; plan and develop projects collaboratively; navigate relationships with diverse populations; present ideas convincingly; listen effectively and with sensitivity to difference; communicate clearly and creatively; manage time effectively; take initiative and responsibility; and lead and inspire others.

Please contact us to learn more or to express interest in recruiting.

HDS Voices

Anthony John, MTS ’18I visited the Office of Career Services shortly after enrolling as a first-year MTS student at HDS. Since then, I have taken advantage of their numerous resources. OCS introduced me to HBX CORe and helped shape my career interests in integrating business practices and public policy-making within an ethical framework. —Anthony John, MTS ’18

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