Vocational Discernment Sites

Online inventories can be enjoyable and helpful, but they are also limited. It is generally useful to include all of the following in your discernment process:

  • Concrete experiences that you can reflect on, such as field education, an internship, volunteer work, job shadowing, or temporary employment.
  • Consultations, such as the career consultations offered through the HDS Office of Career Services, or counseling offered by certified career counselors, pastoral counselors, and spiritual directors.
  • Research on career fields, which may be done by perusing job announcements and position descriptions; reading professional journals and resources; conducting informational interviews; or scanning web resources, such as the professional field research sites we've identified.
  • Reflection, through spiritual practice and/or reflective exercises, such as the ones provided in the HDS Career Guide.

For help getting started with any of the above, please contact us to arrange a consultation.