Faith Communities Near HDS

Please note: The list of faith communities near HDS on this page is not exhaustive. It includes traditions commonly represented in the student body of HDS and a few of the faith communities in which HDS students often participate. To expand your search, you may also visit the Pluralism Project's Directory, the HDS Field Education Handbook, and/or denominational web directories. If you are an HDS student seeking a faith community to fit your particular needs and background, the director of religious and spiritual life, Kerry Maloney (email), is available for consultation, as are the denominational counselors through the Office of Ministry Studies. Finally, please note that the sites below are maintained by organizations external to Harvard Divinity School, and their inclusion here does not necessarily imply endorsement.

African Methodist Episcopal



Christian Church (Disciples of Christ)

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

  • LDS Meetinghouse (Young Single Adult Ward, Single Adult, Student Single Wards)
    2 Longfellow Park, Cambridge
  • LDS Meetinghouse (English, Spanish, Mandarin, and Portuguese Wards)
    65 Binney St, Cambridge

Conservative Congregational Christian Conference

Episcopal Church


Humanist, Secular, Agnostic




Metropolitan Community Church


Orthodox Christian



Protestant Church, Interdenominational

Religious Society of Friends (Quaker)

Roman Catholic


United Church of Christ

Unitarian Universalist