Student Voices

HDS students comes from all walks of life. At HDS they pursue ministry studies, theological education, and doctorate programs. All have contributed in meaningful ways to their community and the world. Learn more about them, their work at HDS, and their hopes and dreams for the future.

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Brooke Davis, MTS '14Putting Community into Foreign Policy

“Better policy could be achieved if people embraced the concept of community building and community interest.”

Casper ter Kuile, MDiv '16A New Vocabulary for Social Change

“I felt a real responsibility to give other people some of the opportunities that I had.”

HDS student Amanda Napior, MDiv candidateExperiential Learning at HDS

“There’s something about being in service that serves oneself. It was the most life-giving experience I've ever had.”

Cody Musselman, MTS '15Getting Out What You Put In

“I chose to come to HDS because I wanted to learn from peers who were practitioners as well as scholars.”

Nestor Pimienta, photo Jon ChaseTaking Care of Their Own

“It’s an enriching experience for all. We’re showing that everyone has value and that we can learn from each other.”

HDS student Usra GhaziEnhancing Interfaith Understanding

“I wanted to counter that first experience I had in seeing an interfaith conversation go wrong.”

Rod Owens, MDiv candidateActivism as Spiritual Practice

“As someone who is both a spiritual leader and an activism organizer, my activism is an extension of my practice.”

Tajay Bongsa MTS ’16, photo by Kris SnibbeA Monk With One Foot in the World

“At HDS we tend to talk about social progress and at the Business School it’s more about economic progress. We need to bring them together.”